Ultimate James Bond fans can watch Spectre every day of its run with a $100 ticket

Regal cinemas clearly aren't actually expecting many people to buy them

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The most hardcore James Bond fans are in for a treat when Spectre hits cinemas this autumn, as one cinema chain is offering a ticket deal that lets viewers watch the movie once a day, every day, for the duration of its run.

US chain Regal Entertainment Group is selling 'Ultimate' passes for the new 007 film, which sees Daniel Craig return to in the lead as the iconic secret agent. Buyers will receive a black steel card laser engraved with their name and the sinister S.P.E.C.T.R.E octopus logo (the one Sam Smith was wearing on a ring when he announced he was doing the theme tune).

The one major drawback? These tickets cost $100 each. There won't be any refunds should Spectre fail to impress, so only those with an unconditional love for Bond need apply for one of the 1000 cards.

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Regal marketing boss Ken Thewes told the Los Angeles Times that he wanted to "give fans something they feel is cool and gives them a little status".

"I don't think anybody's fooling themselves that this is going to make Spectre's' numbers any bigger than they are, but we're trying to give our moviegoers a different experience," he said.


All owners will have to do is swagger up to the box office, flash the plastic and waltz straight through to the screen. Suave just doesn't cover it.

Catch Spectre at UK cinemas from 26 October.