Watch Bryce Dallas Howard cry on demand over styrofoam

A list of home supplies was enough to make her well up

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When people say that any actor worth his or her salt can cry on cue, you at least imagine this to allow them a few moments on set to prepare their head and get to a place where they can focus their emotions.

But during an appearance on Conan this week, Jurassic World's Bryce Dallas Howard managed it on the spot in front of a cackling chat show audience.

The host engaged her in the most banal, non-cry-worthy conversation possible, discussing his love for home depot and its wide range of stock - everything from Styrofoam to piping to duct tape and nails.

Dallas Howard teared up in seconds however, apparently channelling the inherent anguish of Home Depot and its responsibility to customers.

Lip quivering and tears rolling down her face she more than made good of her bet, later laughing as she wiped them away.

The actress was on the show to promote the Jurassic Park sequel, in which she had to summon her fair share of emotional turmoil, what with the whole being hunted by enormous dinosaurs thing.