Watch James Gandolfini in the new trailer for his final film 'The Drop'

Gandolfini takes on the role of another gangster in 'The Drop'

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A second film trailer for The Drop starring the late James Gandolfini has been released, featuring The Sopranos actor in his final film appearance.

The Sopranos actor, who died of a heart attack last June at the age of 51, stars alongside Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace in the crime drama.

The Drop is about a bartender who gets embroiled in the criminal underworld of Brooklyn after the establishment he works at is robbed.

Gandolfini plays small-time crook Cousin Marv, a shady figure who owns the bar and is part of a covert scheme of funnelling cash to local gangsters through “money drops” at various establishment across the neighbourhood.

The first trailer for The Drop was released back in April and set up the premise of the film, while the new trailer is more action-led and tense.  

In the two-minute video, Cousin Marv tries to pay back the money that has been stolen by resorting to desperate means, including a black bag stuffed with blood-spattered bank notes.

Meanwhile Hardy’s Bob Saginowski is also trying to resolve the situation and convince his girlfriend Nadia, played by Rapace, that he has left his criminal past behind.

It is clear that there is more to Cousin Marv than he is letting on, and claims to have “had something once”.

The Drop falls into the same dark, gangster veins as The Sopranos and see Gandolfini in a role that is not too far removed from Tony Soprano.

The Drop is due for release in the UK on 14 November this year.