Watch Robin Thicke's acting debut in abominable romcom 'Making The Rules'


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Robin Thicke made a straight-to-video romcom in 2012 and no-one really noticed, but fortunately someone at Lionsgate thought to stick it on YouTube so now we can all enjoy his wooden acting and casually leans near blinds at dusk.

Making The Rules centres on an unhappily-married sous chef (Jamie Pressly from My Name Is Earl) who must decide whether to leave her husband after an old flame comes back into her life while intermittently making cheesecake.

The old flame is Thicke, who appears to be pretty much playing himself, because who else wears a white baseball neck tee with a string of beads and an open waistcoat?

The dialogue is incredible – "Abby, how have you really been? Your husband, is he nice to you", "Someone always gets hurt, Abby", and the whole thing is shot like an episode of Neighbours.

Thicke is strapped as a 'MULTIPLANIUM R&B SENSATION' in the trailer, which is half right; 'Blurred Lines' went nine times platinum in the Australia, but his most recent efforts have been less than sensational with his new album shifting less than 54 copies in the same country in its first week on sale.

Gluttons for more than one minute 55 seconds of punishment can find Making The Rules on Lionsgate VOD.