Weekly top iPhone apps: Movie-inspired apps

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Five applications that will take you deeper inside your favorite blockbuster movies and have you playing alongside the stars.

Players step into the body of an Avatar and enter the fantasy world of Pandora in this full-feature action-adventure game made by Gameloft. The game inspires players to use their newfound Avatar body powers to travel throughout the foreign world - choosing to wage war against the native people of Na'vi, the land's flora and fauna, or to turn against the human race and obliterate the people who are trying to destroy the land. The game is set two decades before the Avatar film takes place.
Price: $9.99

Fast & Furious
Following in the Fast & Furious movie footsteps, this app prides itself on fast cars and skillful driving. Players get behind the wheel of a fast car of their choice and zoom their way through the back streets of LA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Players can race against other iPhone app users in online multi-player games or compete offline. There are seven different game modes, from Pursuit and Evade to Drag Racing where players will need to quickly adapt to road conditions and learn new skills if they don't want to lose the race. With the built-in YouTube function, you can record a video of your race and post it to the video-sharing site.
Price: $1.99

Terminator Salvation: The official game
Terminator Salvation: The official game is a 3D shoot-‘em-up action-adventure game from Gameloft. Players are cast into the role of John Connor and have to learn how to survive in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in the year 2018. Game play moves between one-on-one combat, strategic defence, achieving specific mission goals, and driving futuristic vehicles - all of which takes place in the original Terminator "movie universe."
Price: $0.99 (currently on sale)

Star Trek
Touted as the "most intense shoot'em up action-adventure game" on the App Store, Star Trek has players plotting against and defeating enemies as they travel across the galaxy. Trekkie fans will love all the Star Trek references and the occasional appearances from main characters Capt. Kirk, Chekhov, Sulu, Scotty, Uhura and Mr. Spock. Game play is reminiscent of old arcade-style games where players assume the role of a spaceship and have to shoot down and destroy enemy spacecrafts and obstacles while collecting new weapons.
Price: $1.99

Twilight: The Movie Game FREE
Twilight: The Movie Game FREE is an application that gives fans the opportunity to take part in Twilight-themed quizzes and relive their favorite movie moments. Players can choose to test their movie knowledge with hundreds of character and plot-themed questions or see if they know more about the movie than their friends by playing the multi-player version. Questions range from very easy to those that only true fans will be able to answer.
Price: free