Will this sports movie be a right old Messi? 'Rocky-style' Leo film in the pipeline


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Lionel Messi isn’t a man of many words. Nor, beyond the story about Barcelona paying for growth treatment and flying him over from Argentina at 11, is his life story particularly captivating.

Especially compared to the  mind-warping stories of other South American greats such as Garrincha (who apparently lost his virginity to a goat). But Messi’s virtues as the probable greatest footballer of all time aren't in doubt.    

Variety reports that Epic Pictures is producing a “Rocky-style” movie based on Leo overcoming his size.

You suspect nothing will match the majesty of watching the 25-year-old play football every week.

Perhaps a Zidane-style documentary would be more fitting. On the other hand, if Hollywood needs a small dark-haired star who got over his tiny stature to take on the world, finding the right actor might not be Mission: Impossible.