Fox's troubled X-Men universe looks to be getting a reboot

Simon Kinberg - who oversees the franchise - is currently looking to 'reconfigure' the X-Men universe

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Well, this will be good news for Warner Bros. at least. 

There's mounting evidence that Fox is currently facing somewhat of their own crisis when it comes to their X-Men universe; though Deadpool's risk paid off handsomely in a stunning $783 million worldwide gross, it's sequel has already found trouble.

Following disagreements with star Ryan Reynolds over the film's tone, director Tim Miller has pulled out of the project; though John Wick director David Leitch is already in negotiations to take up his place, and the studio is currently moving ahead with Deadpool 3

Meanwhile, X-Men: Apocalypse closed the second trilogy of films with an underwhelming performance both critically and at the box office, grossing only $544 million in comparison - itself two thirds of the box office of X-Men: Days of Future Past

There's still Logan on the horizon, which has impressed fans with a moody first trailer; but this is pitched as Hugh Jackman's final farewell to the role of Wolverine - what happens when the A-list star has left his iconic role, combined with the fact X-Men's other major stars (Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender) have all reached the end of their contracts?

Signing the latter up for new films certainly won't be cheap; certainly Fassbender is about to launch the Assassin's Creed franchise, and Lawrence is wrapped up in a flurry of prestige projects. Fox used to have the Gambit film to rely on, but the project has been stalled, with director Doug Liman dropping out

So perhaps it's no surprise that The Hollywood Reporter is stating the the franchise's overseer Simon Kinberg is look to "reconfigure" the franchise and is currently working on a new script, though optimistically with Lawrence, McAvoy, and Fassbender in mind to all return; Singer though doesn't seem to be involved with its future. 

Until then, Fox still has the upcoming YA-slanted The New Mutants to look forward to, a spinoff which will feature some of the younger cast of the second trilogy, directed by The Fault in Our Stars' Josh Boone.