Zoolander breaks world record for longest selfie stick at London premiere

With a little help from the likes of Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, and Natalie Dormer. 

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Breaking all the rules, and all the records. That's Derek Zoolander for you.

Ben Stiller broke the world record for the longest ever selfie stick at the London premiere of Zoolander 2. Officially, with a Guinness World Records adjudicator in attendance; who then bestowed the star with a Guinness certificate afterward.

The stick in question? That beast measured an incredible 8.56 meters. Though wind threatened to send the entire thing crashing into the gathered crowd of photo posers, Stiller eventually managed to get the pole under control and snapped the picture, which was later tweeted out on the official Zoolander 2 account. 





Luckily, the actor had a little help from his famous friends, who gathered together for the record-breaking photo. Cast members Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz,  Christine Taylor, and writer Justin Theroux were joined by Star Wars actors Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver; currently in the UK filming Star Wars: Episode VIII.

The premiere was also heavily attended by a flock of fashion's movers and shakers, including the likes of Mylene Klass, Lara Stone, Millie Macintosh, Jordan Dunn, and Valentino. 

Stiller's internationally known male model, Derek Zoolander, returns to screens for the sequel, embroiled in the hunt to track down those responsible for the death of the world's most beautiful people.

Zoolander 2 hits UK theatres 12 February.