'Nightmare on Elm Street' slays dragon to top boxoffice

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"A Nightmare on Elm Street," the latest slasher film from a newly-resurrected hit movie franchise, topped the weekend North American box office with 32.9 million dollars in receipts, final figures showed Monday.

Last weekend's top earner, animated Dreamworks fantasy hit "How to Train Your Dragon," fell to second place with 10.6 million dollars in ticket sales, box office tracker Exhibitor Relations said.

In third place was slapstick comedy "Date Night," starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell about the misadventures of a jaded married couple in search of a rare romantic evening without their kids, which earned 7.6 million dollars.

Fourth place went to "The Back-Up Plan," a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez, which took 7.3 million dollars in receipts.

Kiddie flick "Furry Vengeance" about a group of woodland critters who join together to prevent the construction of a housing development on an animal reserve, debuted in fifth place, earning 6.6 million dollars.

In sixth place was "The Losers," an action film adaptation of the comic book of the same name, with 5.9 million dollars in its opening weekend.

"Clash of the Titans," a critically-panned blockbuster based on the exploits of Perseus and his battles with the serpent-haired Medusa and a fearsome sea monster, fell one spot to number seven, earning 5.85 million dollars.

Falling three places to the eighth spot was "Kick-Ass," the controversial action hero movie featuring Nicolas Cage and a host of foul-mouthed, pint-sized crime fighters, which took in 4.5 million dollars.

Ninth place went to the remake "Death at a Funeral," featuring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan, fell three spots to number seven, with 4.1 million dollars.

Rounding out the top ten was the nature documentary "Oceans," which took in 2.6 million dollars.