'No Strings Attached' will attack 'Green Hornet'

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This weekend, Golden Globe winner for Black Swan Natalie Portman is poised to knock The Green Hornet out of the top spot at the US box office, by taking on the romantic comedy No Strings Attached co-starring Ashton Kutcher ( Valentine's Day).

In 2,800 theaters across the US, it is the story of a guy and girl trying to maintain a strictly physical relationship, until they discover they desire more. Directed by Ivan Reitman ( My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Ghostbusters), the film also stars Kevin Kline and rapper Ludacris.

No Strings Attached releases in countries in Europe and Asia in February and continues to roll out around the world through March.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jkf5dPNViSA

The 3D comedy The Green Hornet, starring Seth Rogen, earned $33.5 million last weekend, to reach the top spot at the box office, but audiences are expected to drop off in the second week. With earnings of $57.3 million worldwide, it took second place internationally.

As the widest release this weekend, No Strings Attached should beat out the new epic drama The Way Back by acclaimed Australian director Peter Weir ( Master and Commander, The Truman Show, Dead Poets Society). Releasing in only 650 cinemas, it stars Colin Farrell ( In Bruges), Ed Harris ( A History of Violence) and Saoirse Ronan ( The Lovely Bones).

The story, based on Slavomir Rawicz's novel The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom, follows Siberian gulag escapees on foot across a grueling 4,000 miles. The films also features Mark Strong ( Robin Hood) and Jim Sturgess ( Across the Universe).