Big Birdman: Sesame Street star spoofs Oscar nominated film

'How many different ways can you learn the alphabet?'

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Voice actor Caroll Spinney has voiced Sesame Street's Big Bird for 45 years, and like Michael Keaton's character in the Oscar-nominated film Birdman it's driven him nuts.

Or so is the premise of the parody preview of a fictional film fantastically titled Big Birdman.

In the mock-trailer, the 81-year-old Spinney uses his mind control powers to trash his dressing room, telekinetically hurling a box of tissues across the room at a framed picture of the giant bird that dominates his mind.

It's an accurate homage, with Alejandro González Iñárritu's signature no-cut cinema style and tension-building drum score.

As Spinney walks down the street ala Keaton, Big Bird furiously asks him: "How many different ways can you learn the alphabet?"

Were there an Academy Award for best fake film, Big Birdman's inevitable victory would give Spinney the recognition he so clearly craves.