35 Shots of Rum (12A)

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Claire Denis's film-making is so elliptical you sometimes feel at a loss to know what's going on, but the mood – cool, meditative, unhurried – beckons you along insistently.

This film takes a sidelong look at work, home, love, sympathy, and invites us to make the links between them. At its centre is a widowed Parisian train driver Lionel (Alex Descas) and his student daughter, Josephine (Mati Diop), who have lived companionably in the same flat for years. A kind of narrative ambles on – a rock concert is missed, a cat dies, a trip to Germany reveals a lost kinship – though it's the fleeting changes of facial expression and body language that carry whatever elusive meaning lurks within. Patience is required, and, in the end, is mysteriously rewarded.