A Night in the Woods (15)


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Three Go Down To Dartmoor on a camping trip in Richard Parry's spooky drama of unease.

Brody (Scoot McNairy) is none too pleased when his girlfriend Kerry (Anna Skellern) invites along her guitar-strumming cousin Leo (Andrew Hawley) on a venture he'd thought was for two.

A stop-off at a rural pub tips them the wink that dark forces are known to haunt the local woods, but nothing daunted, the trio head off for a long night of paranoia and panic.

Brody obsessively films it all – the gnarled trees, the lonely clearings, the weird apparitions – and of course nobody ruins the spell by mentioning the Blair Witch.

Parry gets some spiky tension going between the three campers, and the leads do a creditable job of looking scared. But the feeling we've done this trip before is unignorable.