Afternoon Delight, film review: Jill Soloway delves fearlessly into uncomfortable areas

(18) Jill Soloway, 97 mins Starring: Kathryn Hahn, Juno Temple, Josh Radnor

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Afternoon Delight plays like Belle De Jour, done LA style. Kathryn Hahn is Rachel, a bored thirty-something wife whose sex life has ground to a halt – her husband (Josh Radnor) is too busy designing apps to pay attention to her.

Juno Temple is a mischievous young stripper/sex worker/prostitute who (bizarrely) becomes Rachel's babysitter, wreaking emotional havoc but pepping up Rachel's love life in the process.

The writer-director Jill Soloway throws in satirical sideswipes at the behaviour of the pampered Jewish moms in Silver Lake but also delves fearlessly into raw, intimate and uncomfortable areas that more conventional comedies would avoid like the plague.