All in Good Time (12A)

Nigel Cole, 93mins. Starring: Reece Ritchie, Amara Karan, Meera Syal

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Adapting from the stage play Rafta Rafta, itself an update of a Bill Naughton play from 1963, Ayub Khan-Din presents a heartwarmer about family and tradition among the Indian immigrant community of working-class Bolton.

It tells the story of newlyweds Atul (Reece Ritchie) and Vina (Amara Karan), struggling to make their marriage work while living in awkward proximity – ie the next bedroom – to Atul's parents (boorish dad Harish Patel and long-suffering mum Meera Syal).

With their honeymoon cancelled and no sign of their own place, Atul and Vina have yet to consummate their marriage, and the longer it stays that way the more panicked they become.

Impossible not to be charmed by the opening setpiece – broad Lancashire accents amid the exotic plumage of Indian wedding wear – but thereafter the writing is patchy at best, its antagonisms predictable and its reconciliations way too pat. Ritchie and Karan as the pressured couple are touching, nonetheless.