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She's Out of My League (15)

Jay Baruchel, one of the loser sidekicks in Knocked Up, gets promoted to leading-man status, acquiring three loser sidekicks of his own. Despite one too many gross-out sequences, She's Out of My League is actually a sweet, tightly scripted rom-com with a naturally likeable star. Alice Eve is the girlfriend who outclasses him.

Death at a Funeral (15)

Neil LaBute's American remake of a British farce that came out all of three years ago. This version, starring Chris Rock, is marginally funnier, but it's still not clear why the film was made even once, let alone twice.

The Girl on the Train

A forgettable French drama that was inspired by the true story of a woman who falsified an anti-Semitic assault.

Shrink (15)

Dreary indie drama starring Kevin Spacey as a depressive psychiatrist who has written a book entitled Happiness Now. Can you spot the irony?