Also showing: A Cat in Paris, Le havre, Titanic 3D and Gang Story


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A Cat In Paris (61 mins)

Oscar-nominated for Best Animated Feature, this hand-drawn French cartoon is an appealing, action-packed tale of a girl, her cat, a jewel thief, and some gangsters, all of whom chase each other across the rooftops of Paris.


Le Havre (93 mins, PG)

An African boy, stowing away to London, is stranded in a bleak French port, where he's befriended by an old shoe-shiner. It's marginally less stylised and static than most films by its Finnish writer-director, Aki Kaurismaki.


Titanic 3D (198 mins, 12A)

James Cameron cashes in on the centenary of the Titanic disaster by re-issuing his Oscar-gobbling teen romance in 3D. Those plastic glasses get very uncomfortable after three hours.


Gang Story (102 mins, 15)

When his partner is arrested, a Mesrine-ish French bank robber remembers his moustachioed heyday in the 1970s.