Also showing: A Good Day to Die Hard, Side by Side, For Ellen, Run for Your Wife and Sammy's Great Escape

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A Good Day to Die Hard (98 mins, 12A)

Taking the franchise to new lows of sadism and stupidity, Bruce Willis's orgy of murder and Moscow property damage still isn't quite as awful as Arnie and Sly's recent efforts.

Side by Side (98 mins, 15)

An uncharacteristically wide-awake Keanu Reeves interviews Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher and others for a documentary about the film world's switch from celluloid to digital.

For Ellen (93 mins)

Low-key indie starring Paul Dano as a washed-up rock musician who wants to mend fences with his ex-wife and his daughter.

Run for Your Wife (92 mins, 12A)

Danny Dyer stars in a gobsmackingly incompetent Ray Cooney farce.

Sammy's Great Escape (92 mins, U)

Joyless cartoon set in a Dubai aquarium. Imagine a lobotomised Finding Nemo.