Also showing: Ballroom Dance, V/H/S and Monsters, Inc 3D

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Ballroom Dancer (84 mins)

Forget the wall-to-wall joy that's mandatory on Strictly.... This documentary focuses on competitive ballroom dancing's behind-the-scenes angst, as Slavik Kryklyvyy, a Russian former world champion, strives to regain his title. Unfortunately, it tells you so little about Kryklyvyy it's as difficult to sympathise as it is to spell his name.

V/H/S (116 mins, 18)

A portmanteau of short found-footage horror films, V/H/S should serve as an effective calling card for its resourceful directors. These distinctive individual stories come with deliberately shaky camerawork, but they all have loutish protagonists, making them more tiresome than frightening.

Monsters, Inc. (3D, 95 mins, U)

One of Pixar's most entertaining cartoons makes a welcome return to the big screen, following a less-welcome conversion to 3D.