Also showing: Casa de Mi Padre, Sing Your Song, Red Tails


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Casa de Mi Padre (84 mins, 15)

Will Ferrell's larkish spoof of a creaky 1970s Mexican western is good for a few chuckles, but once you've got over the novelty of hearing Ferrell speaking in Spanish in front of a cheap, painted backdrop, there's not much to it. Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna co-star in a film which really should have been a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Sing Your Song (104 mins, 12A)

If, like me, you've always dismissed Harry Belafonte as a syrupy calypso crooner, this humbling documentary will come as a revelation. It catalogues Belafonte's many artistic breakthroughs, and his decades of civil-rights campaigning alongside everyone from Martin Luther King to Nelson Mandela.

Red Tails (124 mins, 12A)

George Lucas is the executive producer of this corny, pedagogical drama about African-American fighter pilots during the Second World War.