Also showing: Chasing Ice, TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings, and Neil Young Journeys

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Chasing Ice (76 mins, 12A)

Even the most perverse and pig-headed of climate-change deniers – such as Charles Saatchi – should be shaken by this apocalyptic documentary, which follows James Balog as he sets up time-lapse cameras in the world's coldest places. His mission is to record how fast the Earth's glaciers are receding – and his stunning pictures show them receding at a terrifying rate.

TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings (75 mins, U)

JM Barrie purists may flinch at the characterisation of Tinker Bell as a Californian cheerleader, but this nicely animated adventure will thrill five-year-old girls.

Neil Young Journeys (87 mins, PG)

Jonathan Demme directs an ear-meltingly loud concert film. Fair-weather fans beware: it's a one-man show, without a backing band, and most of the songs are from 2010's Le Noise album.