Also showing: Excision, Call Me Kuchu, Keep the Lights On, The Shining and Fun Size

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Excision (81 mins, 18)

Horror comedy revolving around the stylishly blood-drenched fantasies of a teenage misfit. Excision is keener on being knowing and culty than genuinely shocking, hence the casting of John Waters and Traci Lords.

Call Me Kuchu (87 mins)

Thunderously political yet warmly personal documentary about a group of gay rights campaigners in Uganda, a country so racked with homophobic religious extremism that anyone there who comes out of the closet is risking life imprisonment.

Keep the Lights On (101 mins, 18)

Earnest indie drama chronicling a gay film-maker's relationship with a crack-addicted publisher. There's nothing much to the publisher except his addiction, though, so it's hard to see why his long-suffering boyfriend stands by him as he rides the rehab/relapse carousel.

The Shining (142 mins, 15)

The full American cut of Stanley Kubrick's horror film, which is 24 minutes longer than the standard European version.

Fun Size (86 mins, 12A)

Glossy, girly teen comedy set on Halloween – so it's out of date already.