Also showing: Friends with Kids, Dark Horse, Lovely Molly and Storage 24


Friends with Kids, 110 mins, 15

When Harry Met Sally with nappies. Jennifer Westfeldt is a thirtysomething who decides to have a baby with her platonic pal, Adam Scott. You can guess what happens.

Dark Horse, 85 mins, 15

Todd Solondz's misanthropic comedy sees a lumpen nerd (Jordan Gelber) dating a woman (Selma Blair) who'd be out of his league if she weren't so depressed.

Lovely Molly, 100 mins, 15

The maker of The Blair Witch Project returns with a potent mix of horror film and indie drama.

Storage 24, 87 mins, 15

Decent Brit monster movie. Noel Clarke and pals run around a warehouse, avoiding a face-munching alien.