Also showing: GI Joe Retaliation, One Mile Away, King of the Travellers, We Went to War and Point Blank

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation (110 mins, 12A)

Incoherent action nonsense that seems to have been cobbled together by half a dozen directors, none of whom knew what the others were up to.

One Mile Away (90 mins, 15)

Two men attempt to broker a truce between rival Birmingham gangs. Penny Woolcock's documentary can be enlightening, but it's hamstrung by the gang-members' refusal to appear on camera.

King of the Travellers (80 mins, 15)

Muckily authentic indie melodrama about a feud between two families of Irish travellers.

We Went To War (77 mins)

Forty years after their return from Vietnam, two Texans muse on how the conflict still affects them. Moving but modest.

Point Blank (92 mins, 15)

Re-release of John Boorman's stylish 1967 classic, with Lee Marvin.