Also showing: Hunky Dory, If Not Us, Who? andKhordorkovsky


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Hunky Dory (109 mins, 15)

Set in South Wales during the summer of 1976, Hunky Dory stars Minnie Driver as a teacher who decides to stage a glam-rock musical of The Tempest – and within 10 minutes her absurdly talented, disciplined and good-looking protégés are ready for the West End. Sadly the film still has 100 tedious minutes to go.


If Not Us, Who? (124 mins, 15)

A swinging-Sixties youth drama with a difference, this episodic German biopic charts the bohemian lives of Andreas Baader and two of his cohorts as they progress from publishing pamphlets to fire-bombing department stores.


Khodorkovsky (116 mins, 12A)

Heavyweight documentary about a billionaire oligarch who was sent to a Siberian gulag by Vladimir Putin.