Also Showing: Max Payne, Choking Man, Fine, Totally Fine, I.O.U.S.A., A Streetcar Named Desire

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Max Payne (99 mins, 15)

Poor Olga Kurylenko. As well as being the most po-faced Bond girl ever, she's the token totty in two abysmal, gun-fetishising video game adaptations, last year's 'Hitman' and now 'Max Payne'. It's a brainless, punishingly slow cop thriller which Xeroxes the neo-noir stylings of 'Sin City'. Mark Wahlberg sleepwalks through the title role.

Choking Man (83 mins, no cert)

A less satisfying slice of lo-fi indie whimsy, despite its promising setting: a diner in Jamaica, New York, reportedly the most multi-ethnic neighbourhood on Earth.

Fine, Totally Fine (110 mins, nc)

This understated indie comedy from Japan is essentially a series of quirky skits involving the oddballs who congregate at a Tokyo bookshop. Too long but humane, unpredictable, and often very funny.

I.O.U.S.A. (85 mins, U)

Documentary about America's rocketing debt. Essential viewing for those wanting to know the difference between fiscal and monetary policy, but not for anyone else.

A Streetcar Named Desire (127 mins, 12A)

Elia Kazan's classic film of Tennessee Williams's classic play. Marlon Brando was the only one of the four leads who didn't win an Oscar – possibly because his method acting was so radical he seems to be in another film altogether.