Also showing: Mud and Village at the End of the World

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Mud (130 mins, 12A)

Two intrepid teenage boys are steering their motorboat up an Arkansas river when they discover a swashbuckling fugitive (Matthew McConaughey). He's living rough on an island and they agree to help reunite him with his lost love (Reese Witherspoon). Written and directed by Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter), Mud is a well-acted, atmospheric but slight Southern coming-of-age tale in the Tom Sawyer tradition.

Village at the End of the World (76 mins, 12A)

Sarah Gavron's beguiling documentary is a postcard from one of the planet's most remote hamlets, a scattering of Inuit cabins on the water's edge in Greenland. It's full of character and humour, but also sadness: the title has a double meaning, in that climate change is putting paid to the hunting and fishing which sustained the Inuit for millennia.