Also showing: Olympus Has Fallen, Rebellion, Evil Dead, Fuck for Forest and Bait

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Olympus Has Fallen (120 mins, 15)

It's "Die Hard In the White House", as Gerard Butler's secret service agent single-handedly butchers the Korean terrorists who have kidnapped the President (Aaron Eckhart). This meat-headed celebration of bloody violence seemed odious even before last week's Boston bombings.

Rebellion (136 mins, 15)

A negotiator (Mathieu Kassovitz, who also directs) tries to mediate between the French army and some indigenous separatists in a South Pacific colony. An ambitious but unwieldy mixture of breathless combat scenes and soporific back-room discussions.

Evil Dead (90 mins, 18)

This remake of The Evil Dead is efficient enough, but it doesn't have a new angle on the clichés that were satirised so exquisitely in last year's The Cabin in the Woods.

Fuck for Forest (83 mins, 18)

Bizarre and rambling documentary about some Berlin eco-activists who raise money by selling home-made porn on the internet – insufferable at first, but it takes a remarkable Herzogian turn when its Merry Pranksters head to the rainforest.

Bait (93 mins, 15)

A shark swims around a flooded supermarket in this 3D Oz-sploitation movie. Absolutely abysmal.