Also showing: Reality, Identity Thief, Reincarnated and Neighboring Sounds

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Reality (116 mins, 15)

Matteo Garrone, the director of Gomorrah, returns with a melancholy satire about a Neopolitan fishmonger's dreams of appearing on Big Brother. Its glorious opening sequence promises a successor to La Dolce Vita, but its dated plot drifts too far from ... well, reality.

Identity Thief (111 mins, 15)

Jason Bateman and a beyond-obnoxious Melissa McCarthy star in a road movie that's even more dreadful than The Guilt Trip.

Reincarnated (96 mins, 18)

Snoop Dogg visits Jamaica to record a reggae album. Yes, whole forests of marijuana are smoked.

Neighboring Sounds (131 mins, 15)

Sleepily elusive slice-of-life drama set in a tower-block complex in Brazil. NB