Also showing: Shut Up and Play The Hits and The Queen of Versailles

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Shut Up and Play The Hits (108 mins, 15)

Few bands manage to end their lives with dignity, fewer still with a triumphant four-hour show at Madison Square Garden. LCD Soundsystem was the exception, and documentary-makers Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern were there to cover the concert – and LCD frontman James Murphy, for the 48 hours either side of it – in glorious high-definition. To those of us who weren't there, this is surely the next best thing. See it on the biggest screen you can.

The Queen of Versailles (100 mins, PG)

Another hit at Sundance, The Queen of Versailles follows the super-rich Siegel family as they begin building their Florida home, America's biggest private residence. During filming, the economic crisis hit, devastating David Siegel's time-share business and halting construction of his wife Jackie's dream home. Thus Lauren Greenfield's satirical documentary became a morality tale, and a story of the American nightmare.