Also showing: The Decoy Bride, A Man's Story, Cleanskin, Hard Boiled Sweets, Payback Season


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The Decoy Bride (89 mins, 12A)

There are five low-budget British films out this week, none of them worthy of a cinema release. The first one is The Decoy Bride, a sub-Curtis romantic comedy set on a Hebridean island. David Tennant plays an author who's due to marry a Hollywood goddess (Alice Eve) until he meets her lowly stand-in (Kelly Macdonald). It's as short of laughs as it is of logic.


A Man's Story (103 mins, 15)

Superficial documentary about Ozwald Boateng. Bizarrely, it skips straight past his rise to fame, leaving us with a bland video diary of his success as a designer.


Cleanskin (108 mins, 15)

In flashbacks, a Muslim student (Abhin Galeya) becomes a suicide bomber. In the present day, a secret agent (Sean Bean) hunts him down. Contentious stuff, then, which makes the clumsy execution especially troubling.


Hard Boiled Sweets (86 mins, 15)

Various cops and crooks double-cross each other in neon-lit Southend. A film with more wit and colour than most Britflicks about Cockney gangsters.


Payback Season (87 mins, 15)

A footballer, Adam Deacon, is blackmailed by a thug from the estate where he grew up. Deacon's "Rising Star" Bafta is looking less appropriate than ever.