Also showing: The Forgiveness of Blood, The Dinosaur Project, Step Up: Miami Heat, In The Dark Half and Jackpot

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The Forgiveness of Blood (109 mins, 12A)

Well-judged drama from the director of Maria Full Of Grace. A blood feud in an Albanian mountain village forces a teenage boy to stay in, day and night.

The Dinosaur Project( 82 mins, 12A)

Low-budget copy of Jurassic Park. Ironically, the digital effects and jungle settings are impressive: it's the silly screenplay that marks it down as a B-movie.

Step Up: Miami Heat (99 mins, PG)

Fourth instalment of the knuckle-headed street-dancing franchise, this time with flash mobs and a Trump-ish property developer.

In The Dark Half (85 mins, 15)

Bristolian ghost story which manages to be both exploitative and tedious.

Jackpot (90 mins, 15)

Norwegian crime farce which pays homage to Tarantino, Ritchie, The Usual Suspects and Trainspotting.