Also showing: The Gatekeepers, Simon Killer, Flying Blind and First Position

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The Gatekeepers (101 mins, 15)

Six former heads of Israel's Shin Bet secret service talk about their work – and come down on the side of negotiating with terrorists. A punch-packing real-life spy thriller which was nominated for this year's Best Documentary Oscar.

Simon Killer (105 mins, 18)

An American Psycho in Paris, anyone? An unstable backpacker (Brady Corbet) seduces a French prostitute in this moodily arty but tawdry drama from Antonio Campos, the director of Afterschool.

Flying Blind (88 mins, 15)

Helen McCrory stars as an aeronautics engineer who risks everything for a love affair with an Algerian student. Dull, unconvincing, and embarrassingly unerotic.

First Position (95 mins, U)

School-age ballet dancers prepare for a competition in New York. Pleasant, but we've seen similar documentaries many times before.