Also showing: The Giants, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Chariots of Fire and Salute


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The Giants (84 mins, 15)

Three boys in their early teen years, having been abandoned by their parents, roam the Belgian countryside having both sad and funny misadventures one summer.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (88 mins, U)

Yes, the forgettable prehistoric mammals are back, yet again, to learn the importance of family via convoluted action sequences. Still, there's a good Simpsons cartoon beforehand.

Chariots of Fire (124 mins, U)

Some of the dialogue may be as unsubtle as Vangelis's parping synthesiser score, but the big winner at 1982's Oscars still holds up as a sincere, stirring hymn to British sporting pluck.

Salute (90 mins, PG)

The week's other Olympic film is a documentary about the athletes who raised a Black Power gloved salute on the podium at the '68 Games.