Also showing: The Island President and Act of Valour


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The Island President (101 mins)

Putting a very human face on a very big issue, this access-all-areas documentary follows Mohamed Nasheed, the president of the Maldives, as he urges the world to do something about the global warming which is putting his country under water. He's a bold and tireless campaigner, which makes it all the more depressing to recall that he was ousted from office in February.


Act of Valour (109 mins, 15)

Fact meets fiction in this amateurish action movie about America's military task force, the Navy Seals, which casts genuine Navy Seals in the leading roles. They look the part when they're jumping out of planes, but when it comes to delivering dialogue, let's just say that none of these interchangeable lunks has a Hollywood career beckoning.