Also showing: The Liability, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Deadfall

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The Liability (95 mins, 15)

A plodding, vaguely funny British road movie starring Jack O'Connell as an eager 19-year-old who takes a job from his mum's gangster boyfriend (Peter Mullan) as a driver for a world-weary hitman, Tim Roth. It's a pity they're not in a film with more energy.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (128 mins, 15)

A Pakistani academic (Riz Ahmed) tells a suspicious reporter (Liev Schreiber) about his time on Wall Street, and how his love for America soured after 9/11. A leaden, didactic adaptation of Mohsin Hamid's novel.

Deadfall (95 mins, 15)

A ruthless criminal (Eric Bana), a femme fatale (Olivia Wilde), an ex-boxer (Charlie Hunnam), and various other pulp fiction archetypes drive around the snowy Michigan countryside after a casino heist. This diffuse thriller feels like a compilation of scenes from other, better films. NB