Also showing: The Paperboy, Maniac and Shell

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The Paperboy (107 mins, 15)

Two journalists are in over their heads trying to defend a man on death row in this trashy, sweaty melodrama set in 1960s Florida. Panned at Cannes, with an A-list cast of Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack, it falls apart at the seams as it careers along. But it's great fun watching.

Maniac (89 mins, 18)

Elijah Wood is a serial killer with serious mother issues in this gory Point of View (POV) remake of the infamous 1980 horror flick. If you fancy watching someone scalp young women, then pin their bloodied hair to a mannequin, go to see this. On second thoughts, don't.

Shell (90 mins, 15)

Newcomer Chloe Pirrie shines in this touching, understated story of a repressed father/daughter relationship. They run a petrol station in the Scottish Highlands, with little company but passing trucks and deer.