Also showing: The Sweeney, Premium Rush; Keyhole; Inside Out


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The Sweeney (107 mins, 15)

The Seventies cops'n'cardies show gets a redundant big-screen revival, with ultra-modern offices but dated attitudes. Ray Winstone and Ben "Plan B" Drew are so cartoonish that it's like Hot Fuzz without the jokes.

Premium Rush (91 mins, 12A)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in an action-comedy about a devil-may-care New York cycle courier. The relentless pedalling may make you feel as if you're burning calories, but you may also feel that the hero's mission – going downtown with a package – isn't actually all that hard.

Keyhole (93 mins, 15)

Guy Maddin's experimental black-and-white cocktail of crime drama and ghost story is incomprehensible, but each scene has more ideas than most entire films.

Anton Corbijn: Inside Out (85 mins, 15)

Close-up portrait of the rock photographer turned film director.