Also showing: Up There, Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet, Hit So Hard and The Pool

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Up There (80 mins, 15)

A dour ghost (Burn Gorman) is stuck in a tediously bureaucratic afterlife in this imaginative, atmospheric comedy. It balances the supernatural and the mundane in the wry British fashion of 2010's Skeletons.

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (87 mins, TBC)

Humbling documentary about a rock guitar prodigy who was pole-axed by a paralysing illness at the age of 19.

Hit So Hard (103 mins, TBC)

A far less inspirational rockumentary chronicling Patty Schemel's drug addictions while she was the drummer of Hole.

The Pool (98 mins, 12A)

Small but perfectly formed coming-of-age drama in which an illiterate boy is befriended by the wealthy owner of a summer house in Goa.