Also showing: Wreck-It Ralph, A Liar’s Autobiography, No and I Wish


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Wreck-It Ralph (107 mins, PG)

Disney's latest cartoon is essentially a Toy Story remake with arcade games taking the place of toys. However, the pure delight of its opening sequence soon gives way to a contrived, over-complicated plot.

A Liar's Autobiography (82 mins, 15)

A recording of Graham Chapman reciting his memoirs is accompanied by animations from 14 different studios. As clever as this approach might be, the most fascinating bits are the clips of Chapman being interviewed, so a straightforward documentary might have been better.

No (118 mins, 15)

Gael Garcia Bernal stars in a deadpan comedy drama about a slick advertising executive who makes anti-Pinochet television spots in the weeks leading up to Chile's presidential referendum in 1988.

I Wish, (128 mins, PG)

Two brothers, who haven't met since their parents split up, plan a reunion. A lovely Japanese paean to the innocence and energy of childhood.