Also Showng: 22/07/12



In Your Hands (89 mins, 15)

Kristin Scott Thomas (right) brings her customary class and precision to a contentious two-hander about a Parisian surgeon who's abducted by the widower (Pio Marmai) of a woman she treated. But In Your Hands doesn't deserve her. Premiered at the London Film Festival two years ago, it's really just a bare-bones fringe play without enough dialogue to explain the bewildering choices its characters make.

Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (111 mins, 15)

Ice-T interviews some of his fellow MCs about the process of writing their tongue-twisting raps. There are a couple of astute insights into the origins of hip-hop, but Ice-T asks the same few questions over and over again instead of bothering with the context and chronology which might have opened up the art form to newcomers.

Revenge of the Electric Car (90 mins)

A sequel to 2006's Who Killed The Electric Car?, this is a watchable but ultimately missable documentary about the entrepreneurs racing to get a viable electric car to market.