Archipelago: What the other critics are saying

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The Independent (3/5) : 'The British film-maker Joanna Hogg appears to have made her specialist subject The Holiday From Hell'.

The Independent on Sunday ( posit ive) : 'Joanna Hogg's first film was about a repressed, middle-class family on an awful holiday. And her next film is more of the same – but it's an exquisite variation on the theme.'

Evening Standard (3/5) : 'Hogg, though a fine film-maker, doesn't always prevent us feeling that these people are not worth worrying about.'

The Guardian ( 5 /5): 'teleIt's a difficult watch and a difficult sell, but this is quietly outstanding.'

The Daily Telegraph (4/5): 'No other British director is making films quite like this.'

Time Out (4/5): 'Archipelago confirms Hogg as a daring and mischievous artist, and a major British talent whose next move will be intriguing.'

Empire (3/5): 'A well-crafted affair elevated by terrific moments.'