Armoured (12a)

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This tough, tight genre picture draws strength from an ensemble cast of major stars and might-have-beens.

An Iraq War veteran (Columbus Short) returns home to find money's too tight to mention and his younger brother going off the rails. All the same he has grave doubts about his colleague Matt Dillon's heist scheme at the security company they work for: their team is going to steal a $42m payload and make it look like they got jacked. "Nobody gets hurt – I promise," says Dillon (on good form), at which point you set your watch for something to go horribly wrong inside the next 20 minutes. The internecine calamity that ensues is nicely paced by Nimród Antal – great name– and played with full-grimace intensity by Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno, Skeet Ulrich and, the single phoner in the performances, Fred Ward. A safe bet for a DVD night.