Arthur and the Great Adventure (PG)

Starring: Freddie Highmore, Selena Gomez, Lou Reed, Stacy Ferguson
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A sequel to Arthur and the Invisibles, this CGI-heavy fantasy is so frenetic and all over the place, you hardly know where to start.

Set in 1960s Connecticut, it recounts how Arthur (Freddie Highmore) goes to the rescue of his friend Selenia (Selena Gomez), denizen of a land populated by tiny humanoid creatures called Minimoys. It seems that a world-domination plot has been hatched by the evil wizard Maltazard (voiced by Lou Reed), and only Arthur can foil him.

The shuttling between this mini-underworld and the freakish overworld is enough to give you the bends, though I did quite enjoy the giant mosquito attack on the picture-book town, a homage to The Birds. Luc Besson directs, with no apparent concern for logic or coherence.