Bad Teacher (15)

Readers review this week's big film
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"Stunning. Hot. Sexually charged... Well, that was my date. The movie was OK."

Colin Mehigan

"One of the worst films I've seen in a while: some funny lines, but I nearly walked out a third of the way through it."

Rob Brooks

"Thankfully in real life this woman would probably be fired within 48 hours."

Helen Gould

"Anything with Cameron Diaz is good even if it's rubbish!"

Rob Broomfield

"I think Cameron Diaz made this for a bet."

Allison Done

"Poor excuse for a movie! What on earth were they thinking?"

Pári Heáther Zádeh

"The 'genius' of the plot is that Cameron Diaz fancies Justin Timberlake and you'll never guess what, right, in REAL life too... brilliant, innit?"

John Kavanagh

"Money-making trash... again."

Sarah H-b

"Look no further than South Park's Cartman for Diaz's inspiration here."

Neil Clements

"Blonde beauty? She's ruined her looks with whatever she's had done to her cheeks."

First L

"C'mon – she's an actress for goodness sake. Is anything she does on screen anything other than that? This is just publicity stuff. Can we get on with real life now?"

Bruce Levitan

"Light-hearted fun."

Ruby Peters

"Bad Teacher isn't funny enough to make the grade."

Julia Monroe

"Don't even bother renting it."

Julia Monroe

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