Barely Lethal, film review: Bubbly but very lightweight high-school comedy

(12A) Kyle Newman, 98 mins. Starring: Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie Turner, Samuel L Jackson, Jessica Alba, Jaime King, Dove Cameron
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Game Of Thrones fans are likely to be a little disappointed by the way Sophie Turner is used in this bubbly but very lightweight high-school comedy.

Turner has immense dignity and presence as Sensa Stark in the George RR Martin drama but here is reduced to hamming it up in a supporting role as a secret teen agent/killing machine called Agent 84.

She is bitterly jealousy of Agent 83 (Steinfeld) who has left the kindergarten spy agency to begin a new life as a regular high school student.

There is a funny and very genial performance from a whiskered Samuel L Jackson as the spy boss and some Catwoman-like camp from Jessica Alba as the villainess.