Blade Runner: the Final Cut (15)

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Ridley Scott has a third go at perfecting his formative 1982 sci-fi epic Blade Runner, following his Director's Cut of 1991. Such dabbling looks like insecurity or indecision on the part of the film-makers, but it shouldn't obscure the fact that this is a movie milestone, if not in storytelling then in art direction and cinematography.

The print of this "final" version has been digitally retooled, so we can see Scott's grungy amalgam of old and new in crisp detail. Some of it has inevitably dated – the computer hardware looks positively antediluvian – but the portrayal of LA as a futuristic shanty town and the Gothic decrepitude of the finale's apartment block are magnificent. Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer still look great, as do Daryl Hannah and the all-but-forgotten Sean Young.