Bridesmaids (15)

Readers review this week's big film
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"What is refreshing, above all else, is the treatment of the bridesmaids as actual people with everyday problems. Kristen Wiig's Annie might just be the first female protagonist to ever undergo an existential crisis in a rom-com."

Lawrence Binnie

"I do not laugh out loud at many movies but this one was so funny that I did! I was not familiar with the actors, so I went in not expecting anything but I left with a great respect for the comedic talent of the entire cast. I thought it was an honest look at how women feel."

Denise V Lou

"I really, really enjoyed this film. It was an intelligent and sophisticated version of the Judd Apatow ilk. Why do we have to talk about it in terms of the stars' and writers' gender though? Why can't it just be a really fun movie and appreciated on its own merits? It depresses me that every time something good has a female bias, it is heralded as a victory for feminism."

Matt Lloyd

"I thought that it was hilarious in places but overly long. It had the trademark Judd Apatow improvised dialogue which normally works so well, but I think a lot of it fell a little flat with this cast."

Timur Zobu

"Hilarious stuff!"

Temit C

"After rude and crude comedies such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad and Knocked Up, Bridesmaids follows in the same style, but is clearly aimed and marketed directly at the female demographic. This makes sense as Apatow has been criticised for being misogynistic."

Tom Patrick

"My only complaint would be the casting of the cop. This guy never in a million years would identify in my mind as a cop. Way too nice. Sorry all you cops out there, but it's true!"

Shiloh Veronski


Richard Tucker-O'Meat

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