Colmbiana (15)

Starring: Zoe Saldana
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With a director named Megaton onboard one should not expect subtlety of this violent revenge fantasy.

Heaven knows why Zoe Saldana (Avatar) signed on for it: this is the sort of trash actors do when their career's on the down escalator, not the up. She plays a sexy Nikita-style assassin who, messed up as a girl after witnessing the murder of her parents, is now on the war path for the killers. With 22 "hits" in four years an FBI team (led by Lennie James) gets on her case, but given her apparent ability to travel through hyperspace she's very unlikely to be caught. Mr Megaton belongs to the school that prefers a hefty side order of mawkishness to go with the carnage of the main course, pausing for tears and a little caressing violin before unloosing another hundred rounds of ammo. Luc Besson, inevitably, had a hand in the quarter-witted script.