Cross of Honour, Petter Naess, 100mins (15)

Starring: Florian Lukas, Rupert Grint

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The best thing about this modest tale of camaraderie among foes is the Norwegian setting – a white wilderness of blinding storms that seems to stretch into eternity. In April 1940 two planes crash-land, and the crews – two Brits, three Germans – seek shelter in an isolated hunting lodge.

Outright hostility softens as the pilots discover a mutual respect behind the uniforms. Florian Lukas takes the acting palm over chief star Rupert Grint, who does a creditable scouse accent as the officer's wingman but shouldn't have been allowed to sing "Over the Rainbow". Petter Næss's script has an uncertain hold on period – I'm pretty sure "Enjoy!" and "Go for it" weren't current in the Second World War.